Regular Activities

Sunday (for a more detailed description see Sunday Services)

  » Prayer   9:15 - 9:40 AM
  » Communion   9:45 - 10:30 AM
  » Coffee & Fellowship 10:30 - 11:00 AM
  » Music and Message 11:00 AM - Noon
  » Children's Ministry 11:00 AM - Noon

First Sunday of Each Month

  » Lunch and Fellowship 12:10 - ~1:30 PM


  » Women's Bible Study Thurs. 9:15 - 11:00 AM
  » Youth Group Meetings & Activities See Peter or Michelle
  » Small Group Bible Studies See Doug or Peter


Scheduled Speakers

Date Speaker
October 22 Doug Dove
October 29 Dan Scarpace
November 5 John Dobrovat
November 12 Ben Utomo
November 19 Erich Wieger
December 3 John Dobrovat
December 10 Ben Utomo

Come Join Us on November 4


Hillview Bible Chapel

NOVEMBER 4, 2016

See for details

Meditation for the Week

The Lord is the giver and sustainer of our spiritual life. There is no life outside of Him - He is the one who birthed us through His Holy Spirit and He is the one who nourishes this new life as we draw close to Him and abide in Him every day. There is nothing we can do in our strength to endure or stand without Him.  As we learn to wait on the Lord and live every day deeply immersed in the reality of His presence, we find in Him an inexhaustible treasure of strength, joy and peace.  His love for us is immutable and His faithfulness is great towards all those who rely upon Him. He indeed knows all our sorrows; He is familiar with our trials and afflictions, and He clearly perceives our weaknesses, sin and shortcomings. Nevertheless, He is always near, ready to offer His life, His joy, His strength to all those confess their failures, open their hearts to Him and purpose to remain faithful in their obedience to His Spirit.

Then the joy of the Lord will be our strength and the well from which all our resources are drawn, we can go through the valley of Baca, a place of weeping, and transform it from a place of tears and sorrows  into a garden, a dry land with a well of living waters. As we wait upon Him, God not only nourishes the divine life that He imparted to us; He makes it flow through us towards others, transforming lives, changing environments, bringing comfort and new hope. This manifestation of His all-sufficient grace in the midst of our various trials and adversities brings glory to His name. Our souls can rest assured in Him, trusting Him even more and surrendering completely to His will. Waiting on the Lord is the sweetest and only secure way to go through this life with overflowing joy in our hearts, with peace that fills our souls to the brim and with unwavering faith. Let us abide in Him, keep our eyes on the goal and never cast away our confidence, "which hath great recompence of reward." (Hebrews 10:35).

"But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength..." 
(Isaiah 40:31)

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