What to Expect

If you have never been to a service with us, come and check us out!  We are a casual, fun and exciting multi-ethnic church.  If you want to simply blend in, you may find that very difficult.  If you simply want to slip in and be unnoticed, we are just not big enough for that.  We are serious about knowing one another.  You will be noticed!  It will be an experience.  We are serious about studying the Bible.  It is our way of life.  We are serious about changed lives.  Sick of your old self?  We are sick of our old self too!  Change is not only possible, it is expected.

We are looking for those who want to join us on an experienced journey with Jesus Christ.  We could hype you up with empty promises of a care-free life. But life is not simple. And walking with Jesus Christ does not simplify life, especially for those who are looking to "move up" and walk in ease.  Instead, walking with Jesus requires us to "lay down" our old ways, "give up" our old habits, and "put on" a simplicity and truth that stings.  What we want you to find is rest for your soul, not ease for your body.

If this sounds like something different, it is.  Come check us out.  Prepare to meet a diverse group of mission-minded believers from several different walks of life, different backgrounds and different cultural experiences, who would never have considered walking together, but for their experienced love of Jesus Christ.